19th April 2013

Chat with 2 notes

  • Me: Okay so my aunt's birthday is tomorrow so we went out for dinner tonight to Red Lobster
  • Very: Aww that sounds fun!
  • Me: While waiting I was hanging out in front of the lobster tank
  • Me: and two of the big ones were having a shoving fight
  • Me: and I named one "General Beauregard Lobster" and the other one was "Captain Arthur von Lobsterton". The General had one leg missing and the Captain had blue legs.
  • Me: Then the table next to us got a huge lobster delivered to the table
  • Me: It was the General ):
  • Very: ... :(
  • Very: that is kind of hearttwinging
  • Me: I was so sad
  • Me: Moral of the story: don't name your food

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